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A premium media platform that comprehensively showcases exclusive journeys of brands, entrepreneurs and experienced professionals featuring their raison d’être with elegant articulation and highlights what sets their story apart.

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A digital platform for featuring entrepreneurial journeys

Business Periscope is a premium digital storytelling / story-sharing platform for business professionals showcasing their brand's stories, wisdom and outlooks, entrepreneurship journey, and more to a mindful audience looking for business inspiration.

Be it think tanks, makers, hustlers, or visionaries who believe in themselves and their ideas that create a dent in the universe; it is the perfect platform that features their extraordinary journeys.

We make and share your stories with finesse, relatability, and a tinge of awesomeness.

Be seen and heard by the right people!

For business owners, CXOs, and startup entrepreneurs, Business Periscope is the befitting platform to make their products/services and brands visible to the right target audience and build lasting brand associations in their respective business markets.

That idea or that brand new product launched in the market gets the attention that it deserves from the right audience as it gets covered in our platform.

We feature journeys that inspire, intrigue, teach us something, with learning and innovative advice from entrepreneurs that change the way people do business.

And we feel this is one of the most vital factors for any business. When you work with us, your story gets life, gets shared, and inspires- and gets you more fans and followership! Who wouldn't want that?!

Put your exemplary journey in the spotlight

Our experienced team ensures that your story is realistically told- no fluff, no exaggeration, no making-up things. An entrepreneurs' life is full of learning. We cover aspects of their business that revolve around but not limited to:

Your story could be an inspiration to many!

Stories are a compelling way to create an impact and get messages heard. The stories about business visions, philosophies, struggles, culture taught, and the values believed in can significantly impact people's aspirations who are inclined towards growth.

When appropriately narrated, a story can make people connect to it and can inspire them in countless ways.

We transform your story into a visual treat with careful seamless edits, adding visual snippets and elements that make your unique story more impactful and share it across platforms in many formats.

Feature your business journey with us, connect with a niche crowd, have your portfolios enhanced by well-articulated brand storytelling, and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Partner with us

Cover your organizational/ ecosystem journey

We associate with organizations and ecosystem partners while working with them to build narratives and feature stories in line with their missions and organizational objectives.

Know more about how you/your organization could look towards synergistic avenues while associating with us.

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Feature your professional blog/article with us

Are you a domain expert who is also an author and could contribute industry-relevant blogs or articles on your expertise area?

We could help your business blog have a wider reach as it gets shared on our platform. We add interesting digital snippets to your expert commentaries while positioning it about relevant reader's segments.