Scale to West Africa: Unveiling the Future of Healthcare and Innovation

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Neonicz Software Solutions Announces Prestigious Inauguration of "Scale to West Africa" Event by Shri P. Rajeeve and Digital Platform Launch by Smt. Veena George

A Kerala Startup Mission Supported Initiative along with Neonicz Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum


In collaboration with Kerala Startup Mission, Neonicz Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is proud to orchestrate the “Scale to West Africa” event, a seminal initiative aimed at synergizing Indian technological innovations with the dynamic markets of West Africa. Set to convene at the picturesque CDAC Auditorium, Technopark Phase 1, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, on the 27th of February, 2024, this event stands as a beacon of the burgeoning partnerships and market explorations between India and West Africa. This is a landmark initiative poised to bridge Indian technological innovations with the vibrant markets of West Africa.

The event is expected to draw over 100 start-ups, industry leaders, and distinguished guests from across the globe. More than 100 start-ups will engage in this event, with a select group of 10 start-ups given the exclusive opportunity to pitch their products and services directly to West African delegates.


The event is honoured by the presence of a distinguished array of dignitaries, each playing a pivotal role in the realms of governance, innovation, and healthcare, both within India and on the international stage:

  • Shri P. Rajeeve, Minister for Law, Industries, and Coir, whose guidance underscores the event’s significance in fostering industrial and technological growth.
  • Smt. Veena George, Minister of Health and Woman and Child Development, who exemplifies women’s leadership in innovation & policy making in healthcare sector
  • Mr. Augustus J. Flomo, Honorable Former Deputy Minister of Liberia, representing the strong bilateral ties and shared aspirations between India and Liberia.
  • Mrs. Cecelia C. Kpangbala-Flomo, Honorable Registrar, Liberian Board For Nursing And Midwifery.
  • Mr. Sreekumar V, GTECH Secretary, instrumental in advocating for the interests and growth of Kerala’s IT industry.
  • Reshmi Aysha, CEO of KIMSHEALTH, representing the frontline healthcare services and innovations in medical science.
  • Dr. Rathan U Kelkar IAS, IT Secretary, whose vision for digital transformation is paving the way for technological advancements in governance.
  • Dr.Saji Gopinath, Vice Chancellor of Digital University Kerala, a luminary in the field of digital education and innovation.
  • Mr. Anoop Ambika, CEO of Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), fostering the ecosystem for startups and innovation in Kerala.
  • Mr. Sanjeev Nair, CEO of Technopark, helming one of India’s premier IT parks and a hub for technological development and entrepreneurship.


The event will be inaugurated by Shri P. Rajeeve, Honourable Minister for Industries, Law, and Coir, Government of Kerala. The highlight of the event will be the official launch of the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery’s enhanced digital platform by Smt. Veena George, Minister for Health and Woman and Child Development. This pivotal moment signifies a major leap forward in automating healthcare education and management in Liberia, showcasing the power of Indian IT prowess on the international stage.

Central to the event’s agenda is the launch of the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery’s digital platform, a project championed by the concerted efforts of Indian IT expertise and Liberian healthcare goals. This initiative, heralded by the participation of Smt. Veena George, Honourable Minister for Health and Woman and Child Development, marks a significant leap towards automating healthcare education and management in Liberia.


Smt. Veena George will grace the occasion with a keynote speech, elucidating the transformative impact of technology on the healthcare landscape in India. Her insights will cover the breadth of India’s digital healthcare initiatives, highlighting the role of innovation in making healthcare services more accessible, efficient, and effective.

  • Exploring West African Market Opportunities for Indian Startups 

A focused panel discussion will unravel the potential that the West African markets hold for Indian startups. This session is designed to foster dialogue on collaborative opportunities, with the aim of catalyzing growth and innovation across continents.

  • All-Women Panel: Elevating Healthcare through Women’s Leadership

An exclusive all-women panel will shine a spotlight on the critical role of women in shaping the future of healthcare. This discussion is set to celebrate the indelible contributions of women to healthcare innovation, policy, and practice.


“Scale to West Africa” epitomizes the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and cross-continental partnership. The much awaited event is set to showcase the burgeoning opportunities in the West African market, emphasizing the synergies between Indian innovation and African economic aspirations. This event not only highlights the technological strides being made in healthcare through the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery’s digital platform but also opens a dialogue on the vast market opportunities awaiting Indian start-ups in West Africa.

The collaboration marks a significant milestone in the growing partnership between India and Liberia, setting a precedent for future technological and economic exchanges. With the esteemed participation of dignitaries and the launch of such pivotal projects, the event promises to be a landmark in fostering global connections and unlocking new market potentials.

Start-ups are to be ready with their pitch decks, value propositions, portfolio and expansion plans that a selected 10 start-ups among 100+ gathered will get to pitch to West African Delegates.

Neonicz Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., alongside Kerala Startup Mission, invites all stakeholders to be part of this transformative journey.


Neonicz Software Solutions Private Limited is at the forefront of delivering innovative software solutions and digital transformation strategies, empowering businesses and governments alike to achieve excellence and efficiency in their operations.

Neonicz invites media houses, technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and the general public to witness this monumental event. “Scale to West Africa” promises to be a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and cross-continental partnership, further cementing India’s role as a global leader in technological solutions for societal advancement.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey towards fostering global connections and unlocking new market potentials.


Date: 27th Feb 2024

Time: 2:00Pm to 7:00Pm

Registration Link : Click to Register

Venue: CDAC Auditorium, Technopark Phase 1

Kazhakkoottam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695581

Google Maps:

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