The Radiance Clinic : Connecting the Dots Between Ayurveda and Cosmetology

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The Radiance Clinic : Connecting the Dots Between Ayurveda and Cosmetology

“Patients are very surprised and happy with our approach. Most of the time, a person who comes with one concern will usually have some underlying issues too, which we can address with one visit,” Dr Nahan says.

In Conversation with Dr Basimah Nahan

Founder and CEO, The Radiance Ayurveda & Cosmetology Clinic

Ayurvedic Roots to Contemporary Cosmetology Culture

Being raised in an Ayurvedic ideology owing to her own father Dr K Mohammed being a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner with two successful practices running for the past three decades in Dubai, Dr Basimah Nahan was no stranger to the healing abilities of this science. Being one of five children raised in the UAE and a self-admitted daddy’s girl, it was no surprise that she chose Ayurveda as her destined career.

On enrolling into the Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College in Thrissur, India for a Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), her interest in the science only grew deeper- as was reflected by her rank holder status that she consistently retained every passing year. She learnt about the nuances of Ayurvedic sciences and gained a deeper understanding of the philosophies behind it all.

In her second year, she developed an interest towards aesthetics and cosmetology, an interest she nurtured and pursued in the form of a Medical Cosmetology Fellowship from Universität Greifswald, Germany four years later. She supplemented this knowledge with a few training modules from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine too.

Soon after, she worked as a consultant for Aarshaveda Wellness which translates traditional Ayurvedic principles into the modern world through its unique products. She also worked for Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital before garnering experience as a cosmetology trainee with a few dermatologists.

It was always an ‘either/or’ situation for Basimah when it came to gaining work experience. “The thing was, wherever I worked, it was either as an Ayurvedic doctor or a Cosmetologist- I couldn’t incorporate both together. I knew that if you incorporate both together, you’ll get tremendous results,” Dr Nahan says. This is when Dr Basimah noticed a gap that only someone with her educational training and interest could fill leading up to the decision of setting up her own practice fusing Ayurveda and Cosmetology in January 2020.

Enter- The Radiance Ayurveda & Cosmetology Clinic.

The Radiance Ayurveda & Cosmetology Clinic

From January to April 2020, Dr Basimah’s plans of setting up her own practice saw fruition, only to be scaled down owing to the pandemic. She moved from the initial plan of renting out a large commercial space in Kadavanthra to a smaller cosy house in Panampilly Nagar’s 7th cross road. It finally opened its doors to the public on June 15th 2020.

The Radiance Ayurveda & Cosmetology Clinic has been running successfully over the past six months from this location and currently has two Ayurvedic treatment rooms with attached washrooms, an Ayurvedic steam chamber, a Cosmetology procedure room, a consultation room and a reception area. The team is currently five members strong with Dr Basimah Nahan at the helm as the lead Ayurveda doctor and Cosmetologist, a branch HR manager, an in-house allopathy nurse and two Ayurvedic therapists (a male and a female).

Plans of expansion forge the path ahead for The Radiance Ayurveda & Cosmetology Clinic with a branch in the works in Dubai along with a concomitant pan-India and international expansion.

An Integrated Approach

The conjunction of Cosmetology and Ayurveda is far from new- the latest trend in beauty called ‘Vampire Facials’ has existed all along in Ayurvedic texts dating way back as Prachanam. It was done using small needles (similar to today’s derma rollers and derma pens) for the treatment of skin or hair therapies. However, finding a clinic that bridges the two sciences wasn’t a reality- until now.

“Radiance stands out because it deals with healing with tradition and technology- we are not adamant with sticking to one system. We give the patient what they benefit from the most. This is not done in any clinic,” Dr Basimah says of what sets the clinic apart.

For a patient that walks into The Radiance Ayurveda & Cosmetology Clinic, they walk out with a treatment plan based on an integrated approach of Ayurvedic and Cosmetologic ideologies. Internally, the recommendations are all wholly based on Ayurveda and externally, cosmetology therapies are recommended only if it is believed that the patient will benefit from it.

The treatment plan will usually consist of

  • Advice for diet and lifestyle modification
  • Blood tests, scans and other investigations to confirm diagnoses
  • Ayurvedic medicines for consumption and application as part of a simple at-home care routine
  • In-office Ayurvedic treatments and therapies
  • In-office Cosmetology therapies, if needed

For instance, if a patient comes in with a complaint of hair loss or hair thinning, the first thing Dr Nahan would do is get a complete understanding of their diet and lifestyle followed by suggesting changes. The patient will then be prescribed Ayurvedic medicines to consume internally along with a few tailams and hair masks to use externally as part of at-home care. If the scalp is marked as unhealthy, another in-office Ayurvedic treatment called Thalapothichil is then conducted. Only at a later stage would cosmetology treatments like PRP, PRF and stem cell treatments be recommended.

She has noticed that this integrated approach helps guarantee a consistent result in the long-term. It deals with the Ayurvedic principle of treating a problem from its root and is far from being just a temporary fix. This is the case for most of the ailments that patients complain about, right from acne to hair loss.

“Ayurveda doesn’t have side effects. Another thing is, when people try to address one issue, as a result of the integrated treatment, they end up solving other health concerns in the bargain too. Hence, people are very open to the system,” she says.

Innovative Services and Products from The Radiance Ayurveda & Cosmetology Clinic

The protocols set in place for the Ayurvedic wing of her clinic are what have been passed down to Nahan by her father. Even the therapeutic oils used are a family secret. The Cosmetology wing, on the other hand, has been developed from scratch by Dr Basimah.

“Both the systems go hand in hand,” she reiterates.

While most of the treatments are customised based on the patient’s chief complaint, there are a few other treatments that the clinic offers which have been very popular with the local clientele. One of these is the Deep Tissue Massage- a myofascial release therapy that people with active lifestyles and those who work out on a daily basis opt for on the weekends to rid themselves of soreness.

Speaking about their innovative products, she says, “No two skins are the same.” Customised facepacks, put together and curated by Dr Basimah herself after gaining clarity on the patient’s skin type and issues, are made to order and address specific concerns and they have been having their moment in the spotlight- and for good reason. It even comes with a cute note that reads ‘Passionately Packed for the Radiant You’!

Another product from Radiance that has become very famous and has a cult fan following in Kochi is DeShots. Made of 22+ antioxidant-rich herbs, a teaspoon of this powder mixed in half a glass of warm water consumed before bed has been seen to promote deep sleep, fixing indigestion and acidity and acts as a great hair, skin and nail supplement too. The powder sachets do not have any preservatives added and are therefore to be stored in the refrigerator till use.

“Patients are very surprised and happy with our approach. They say that when they go to a dermatologist, they cannot speak openly about the homemade packs they use. Here, they say they can be very open about what they’ve used. Most of the time, a person who comes with one concern will usually have some underlying issues too, which we can address with one visit,” Dr Nahan says.

Dr Basimah Nahan has been overwhelmed and touched by the results and response from people, even within this short period. She says that, “Seeing the patients happy and seeing their results is what makes me happy. All patients who have come here have been very satisfied and that has become fuel for me to work everyday.”

Starting her day at 6 am every morning, Dr Nahan likes to spend the first few minutes of the day keeping to herself- with a warm beverage, a good book, going for a walk or cycling. After that, for six days a week, her day is dedicated to her practice- reaching the clinic at 9 am and seeing patients all the way up to 7 pm! She then indulges in some sort of fitness activity before heading back home by 9 pm. This remains testament to just how passionate she is about running her practice!


Advice from the Expert

Regardless of skin type, it is crucial that you use sunscreen daily. They are of different types, Dr Nahan says, so ask your doctor for advice on which would suit your skin and follow that. “Less is more when it comes to skin. Keep it clean, follow a routine and get a system in place for good skin,” she says.

When it comes to the Kerala population, one of the major culprits contributing to skin and hair problems is fermented foods, according to Dr Nahan. This includes sour undernote foods like dosa, idli, appams and the like, all of which make the blood acidic. Curd is another thing to look out for. Another practice she warns against is having honey in hot water- it does more harm than good.

She adds that, “There is no shortcut to perfect skin. Yes, some people are blessed with flawless skin but it is not impossible for everyone to get good skin by putting in minimal effort and without spending exorbitantly. You just have to be wise. For that, trained professionals like us can offer guidance.”

Good health is just one consultation away.

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